How Human Resource Can Leverage on Cloud Computing

Cloud resource based HR systems eliminate the need for complex infrastructure, or it is equally complicated maintenance. More »

Art and Science of Employee Engagement

Do you want to know how employee engagement works in Organizational setup and are you aware of the theories and practical aspect of employee engagement. More »


Are you a Six O Clock Manager ?

While reading Times of India, an article entitled “Pink or Blue? Your Pay Hike Tied to the Gender of Boss’ Firstborn” caught my attention. Like most people would, I began recollecting about

Learnings from Eega/ Makkhi

It was by chance I happened to watch the movie Eega in Telegu and now dubbed in Hindi as Makkhi. This movie is all about a fly , the protagonist Nani and

Blind Man’s Building

One of my favorite games which normally I like to have especially for team building , if played in spirit lot of enthusiasm adds in the team, an excellent game for testing

General HR Quiz – Part 2

Take up this Quiz and check how much you know about General HR.

Rainwater Harvest – Employee Engagement

I was reading Times of India , Hyderabad edition dated 03rd July, 2012. I was amazed to know,  to produce  1 Kg or rice nearly 3500-4500 liters of water is required and

Employee’s Leave Manager’s Not Company (A Common Saying) – Let’s Investigate the Truth

I still remember the first exit interview which I took when I was barely three years into my HR career, My manager hurriedly came and said everyone is busy so you take

June 05th :- World Environment Day

June 05, every year is celebrated as “World Environment Day” ,  by celebrating environment day United Nation is trying to spread the awareness of environment and enhances the political attention and action.

Book Review : And the Lion Smiled at Rabbit

On 23rd & 24th February I got an opportunity to attend a national seminar on “Sustainable HR Practices” conducted by “Institute of Public Enterprise  -Hyderabad”  I was exploring the opportunity to meet