How Human Resource Can Leverage on Cloud Computing

Cloud resource based HR systems eliminate the need for complex infrastructure, or it is equally complicated maintenance. More »

Art and Science of Employee Engagement

Do you want to know how employee engagement works in Organizational setup and are you aware of the theories and practical aspect of employee engagement. More »


Competency Mapping

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A Sectoral Appreciation Paper – ” Microfinance “

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Talent Acquisition Workshop

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Recruitment Gyan

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Appraisal Errors

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Do you think HR is the owner of Culture in the Organization or HR is a mere agent of Culture ?

Beginning of my career in HR  i made it a habit of doing “Floor Walking” every morning and i must say in the initial year’s i felt it was a “Punishment” since i was asked

Importance of Employee Engagement

IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Recruiting talented employees and retaining them is a big challenge in this knowledge economy but to engage employees in their work is even tougher task for today’s HR

Recruitment Techniques to Identify & Weed-Out Fake Applicants