How Human Resource Can Leverage on Cloud Computing

Cloud resource based HR systems eliminate the need for complex infrastructure, or it is equally complicated maintenance. More »

Art and Science of Employee Engagement

Do you want to know how employee engagement works in Organizational setup and are you aware of the theories and practical aspect of employee engagement. More »


Guest Blog : Quarrel of the Colors

Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel. All claimed that they were the best. The most important. The most useful. The favorite.Green said: “Clearly, I am the

My Reflection on “You Don’t Need A GodFather”

“I felt YDNG is  like a template of success workbook, you need to understand the analogy and anecdotes what Elango has shared, if we practice his memory bytes I am sure success

Talent Acquisition Quizz

Do you consider yourself a “Talent Acquisition” specialist ? If ” Yes” then take up my Level 1 challenge ?

Job Hopping Myth and Truth

Recently I was interviewing a  young Firmware Engineer ( Software+ Hardware), after talking to him close to 25 minutes I understood he is a good fit for us, his experience , projects

Fun @ Work – Decorate your Workstation

You must have observed during onset of festivals,  we try to clean up the house and rework the living area setting’s and this is commonly observed, I had tried to ask myself

Organization Development Case

View the Case Study on  Organization Development –  ” Empower -Power The Tower “

Character Profiling

Few months back I was reading Mr. Elango’s article in “People Matters” and I was very impressed with his briefing of character Sketch I & II, from that time I was pondering

Employee Engagement

View the Presentation on Employee Engagement In Slide Share this presentations is been viewed 15,700+ times and received 50+ comments Employee Engagement -30 USD