How Human Resource Can Leverage on Cloud Computing

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Art and Science of Employee Engagement

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Social Media Tools for Recruiter and Job Seeker

Social media has got the fancy of X and Y generation employees, How how could recruiters be far behind in adopting Social Media for HR effectiveness, In this internet world things are

Major HR Challenges in Indian KPO Industry

India possesses the world’s second largest pool of English proficient resources in information technology, engineering, medical and financial services. Building on these abundant human resources, the Indian BPO/KPO industry, has expanded rapidly

Guest Blog – Dealing with Workplace Negativity

 Even if you aren’t the boss, there are several approaches you can take to minimize negativity and its effects on your work…. Server failed, customers complain, file corrupted, boss is upset, leg pulling, feeling angry

Guest Blog- Path to Effective Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management is crucial in today’s scenario as it helps to foster business performances and aids to the alignment of a company’s strategy with its vision, mission, values, and the way

Top Five Human Resource Magazines in India

Many of the times when I meet any HR professional in any seminar or any other HR functions, during the initial interaction many of the HR fraternity ask among themselves, and many

Role of HR in Adding Value to Sales Effectiveness

Few days back one of my Facebook Fan page member asked me for my help as he was on the verge of taking Sales HR profile and asked my expert advice how

My Linkedin Profile

I am surprised to know that “Linkedin Says I am one of their top 1% most viewed Linkedin Profiles for 2012″.   Facebook – Click to see the picture   Connect with

Test your Basic HR Knowledge

Test your Basic HR Knowledge  ?