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Bullying @ Work Place

I firmly believe that some people never mentally leave Senior Secondary high school. What else can account for the phenomenon of workplace bullying? Workplace bullying has been going on for years in

How Human Resource can Leverage on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing…!! A few years ago this term might have appeared as something straight out of a science fiction movie. Computers and clouds, how do they come together? Cloud computing refers to

Follow These Great Tips and Handle Conflict in the Workplace

Now these days’ conflicts are increasingly becoming part of our life. You can’t escape it whether it’s your family, your friends or work place, but it doesn’t mean you sulk at it.

Blind Man’s Building

One of my favorite games which normally I like to have especially for team building , if played in spirit lot of enthusiasm adds in the team, an excellent game for testing

Organization Development Case

View the Case Study on  Organization Development –  ” Empower -Power The Tower “

Competency Mapping

View the presentation on Competency Mapping