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Guest Blog – Retaining Good People in Your Company is a Big Challenge

“Monetary benefits certainly has an effect on many employees, but there are also a great deal of employees out there who are looking for something that money can’t buy.“ Hiring good employees

Major HR Challenges in Indian KPO Industry

India possesses the world’s second largest pool of English proficient resources in information technology, engineering, medical and financial services. Building on these abundant human resources, the Indian BPO/KPO industry, has expanded rapidly

Role of HR in Adding Value to Sales Effectiveness

Few days back one of my Facebook Fan page member asked me for my help as he was on the verge of taking Sales HR profile and asked my expert advice how

Are you a Six O Clock Manager ?

While reading Times of India, an article entitled “Pink or Blue? Your Pay Hike Tied to the Gender of Boss’ Firstborn” caught my attention. Like most people would, I began recollecting about

Employee’s Leave Manager’s Not Company (A Common Saying) – Let’s Investigate the Truth

I still remember the first exit interview which I took when I was barely three years into my HR career, My manager hurriedly came and said everyone is busy so you take

Job Hopping Myth and Truth

Recently I was interviewing a  young Firmware Engineer ( Software+ Hardware), after talking to him close to 25 minutes I understood he is a good fit for us, his experience , projects

Character Profiling

Few months back I was reading Mr. Elango’s article in “People Matters” and I was very impressed with his briefing of character Sketch I & II, from that time I was pondering

A Sectoral Appreciation Paper – ” Microfinance “

View the paper on ” Microfinance – Sector”