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Guest Blog: Concept of the Gap Year -Changing the Workforce in India

It was recently announced that Malia Obama would be going to Harvard for her further studies. Before she embarks on the incredible journey in one of the most prestigious colleges in the

Guest Blog:Career Builder: 4 Mindful Ideas to Write a Killer Job Ad

Regardless of the quickly changing atmosphere of online job seekers, the job advertisement remains an important resource for recruiters to drive candidates. In today’s challenging, digitized global world, the job ad must

Guest Blog -Career Builder – IT Companies Breaking the ‘Bell Curve Appraisal System’ to Retain Talent

It has been an average hike of 10-12%, which the employees of every generation have been expecting during their appraisal moment. Appraisals are typically once-a-year evaluation norm which have become monotonous in

Guest Blog Career Builder – Performance Review – ‘To-Do’ Tips for Managers

It is that time again when most organizations are amidst the audit procedure of the working staff. Performance review, which is one of those mile markers for employees, is also a challenging period for

HR Chat – 7th #inhrdn HR Chat

On 14 November 2015,  I got an opportunity to participate in an interesting tweet chat organised by NHRDN NCR Chapter on Leadership. Thanks to NHRDN NCR Chapter for sharing the storified version

Guest Blog : What is crucial to be a good leader?

There is enough material available on Leadership and its types. What I am going to share below is not unheard of but rare. It could be debatable, and I look forward to

Guest Post – Dealing with a bad day at workplace

You must have one of those days, where altogether nothing seems to be going your way, and you might feel that world is almost positively against you. However, a bad day at

How to be in front of your Boss – Lessons from Ravan from Ramayan

Many of us believe Ravan to be evil but very few know that he was actually a very wise and learned man. He not only had mastered the vedas but had also