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Sustainable Employee Engagement Codified

HR Team regularly brainstorms   internally about the strengths and weaknesses of HR practices of an organization. During such a brainstorming session, I came across the term Sustainable Engagement. I could relate to

Fun Activity – Part I

Fun activities are must at work place now these days. Everyone love to indulge in some kind of fun. Fun brings some kind of informality/casualness in the workplace which otherwise is normally

Rainwater Harvest – Employee Engagement

I was reading Times of India , Hyderabad edition dated 03rd July, 2012. I was amazed to know,  to produce  1 Kg or rice nearly 3500-4500 liters of water is required and

June 05th :- World Environment Day

June 05, every year is celebrated as “World Environment Day” ,  by celebrating environment day United Nation is trying to spread the awareness of environment and enhances the political attention and action.

Fun @ Work – Decorate your Workstation

You must have observed during onset of festivals,  we try to clean up the house and rework the living area setting’s and this is commonly observed, I had tried to ask myself

Employee Engagement

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Importance of Employee Engagement

IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Recruiting talented employees and retaining them is a big challenge in this knowledge economy but to engage employees in their work is even tougher task for today’s HR