Guest Blog Career Builder – Performance Review – ‘To-Do’ Tips for Managers


It is that time again when most organizations are amidst the audit procedure of the working staff. Performance review, which is one of those mile markers for employees, is also a challenging period for managers to set key priorities and clarify activities to subordinates.

As indicated by a study, organizations just deliver half to 60% of the financial increment owing to the gap they encounter from objective set and employees’ achievements. Subsequently, to make the performance review powerful, it is the ideal opportunity for managers to recall the do’s enlisted underneath

Do ensure that employees are aware of the criteria on which their performance will be measured. For this, it is critical to define roles for them in written and review them at least a few months prior to the appraisal time. Evaluate the on-going process and alert them if the progress is going in the unneeded direction. Motivate them if their current progress can help them achieve their goals at the time of appraisals.

Do keep a track or record of work performance. Whether it is on emails, excel sheets, or notes, do record what was set as a goal and what is achieved each month. This would help you play a fair job with your job and with employees working with you. Moreover, the notes will also allow you to demonstrate the performance of each employee at the time of evaluation.

Do remember to schedule a performance review meeting about which all the employees are well informed. This will not change how they performed the entire year but will help you evaluate whether they are still interested in making an effort to achieve their goals in a dedicated manner or not. Once the review meeting is scheduled, freeze it, avoid to postpone unless it is purely unavoidable.

Do make sure that you stay careful and calm while evaluating an employee and writing about his performance review to the higher management team. Avoid any judgmental, personal or discriminatory statements. This is helpful, when you have to write a negative review about someone whose performance and behavior have not been appreciable throughout the year.

Do ask employee/s to evaluate themselves. In addition to rating the employees, be acceptable to negative feedbacks as well. Provide them the freedom to express how they identify/evaluate their performance and what they expect in their appraisal. When explained about what the company would be offering to them as a means of work well/under/average done, do ask them to provide their inputs with signatures regarding the agreement or disagreement. This process will bring a sense of a transparency between the employer and the employee and amendments will be made easily in case of any disagreement from a performer employee who does not deserve to be slipped off basis on the lesser hike in his appraisal.

Becoming a good manager for the team is a trait and becoming their motivation to perform better is an art. Continually working on ways to do it better, can help managers shape their work strategy in a smoother at the time of performance review.


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