Guest Blog : What is crucial to be a good leader?


There is enough material available on Leadership and its types. What I am going to share below is not unheard of but rare. It could be debatable, and I look forward to hearing from you. From my personal experience, I can say that it is surely one of those things that are good to hear, but difficult to do.

Before you read any further, please ask yourself, why have you decided to read this article and what is it that stops you from becoming a good leader. After that, please read what Lord Ram suggested to Sugriv and let me know if you can find your solution based on what is suggested.

Following is the advice given by Lord Shri Ram when Sugriv decides to renounce the world. For those who know the epic, can skip this para. Bali and Sugriva are two brothers. Sugriv is asked to leave the kingdom by Bali because of a misunderstanding. One thing leads to another and Sugriv becomes responsible for the death of his older brother Bali. After this, he realizes the waste of all his actions and anger and confesses his wish to renounce the world to Lord Ram.

Lord Ram says that there is no better leader than someone who is sanyasi (ascetic) at heart. If an ascetic at heart is a leader, he can be detached from his work but still do the required work as the duty. Such a person would not have any greed and would be unafraid of the politics. He would have no craving for power and no personal desires or pleasure. He would have no near ones to promote or pamper and all would be alike for him. He would not disown outsiders and neither favor anyone.

It would be ideal if everyone could cast out their passions and attachments and work as if he or she were working for a higher purpose. This is also a recurring idea in the Bhagavad Gita as most of you would know. If and when such qualities are cultivated, then and only then can such a person dedicate himself to the public good. An astounding example of this is Shivaji Maharaj, who selflessly gives his whole kingdom to Saint Ramdas, who in turn asks the warrior to run the kingdom on his behalf and thus the saffron flag.

Lord Ram says that if such renunciation takes root in you, you too can be an ideal leader.
I wonder how my life would be if I could detach similarly? What would be left to worry about? There are many connected ideas related to surrender and detachment that I want to leave unsaid and give you the opportunity to think about a detached life.

Hope I have given you enough to think for this week, but like I said earlier, it is good to hear but extremely difficult to do but not impossible. Let’s start and see and share and support each other in the process.


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