Guest Blog : Social Media and the Changing Recruitment Trends

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Internet uprising has brought in strong changes in the way people communicate with each other. Social media consisting of web based and mobile technologies have altered communication into a social interface for generating value for their users.  With millions of potential candidates connected to friends, classmates and competitors through networking sites, companies in chase of this talent pool are now looking to have an edge over their competitors in the online jungle. Innovative methods are now coming in use for a better understanding and simplicity that has influenced the digital medium in recognizing the talent across the world.

This highly interactional medium has now become an important part of human life, determining all walks of life.  From its initial intentions of interlinking personal networks, social media control diverse fields like business networking, marketing, recruiting etc. With the extensive reach and influence, organizations from all sectors have now started to look at the potential of social media in recruitment processes.

This helps the company’s in the more cost efficient and convenient way compared to the conventional approaches like job boards, newspaper advertisement, posting job on website, etc. Most of the surveys show that most of the people now get hired from online referrals and company career pages than from job boards.

Social media now a day connects people in a better way compared to any other media. Statistics reports tell that approximately 2 billion people, all over the world are active in social media, with over 135 million users on LinkedIn, 175 million people on Twitter and 500 million lively members on Facebook. This large user base covers an attractive platform for recruiters to select the proficient candidates through apparent enrolling procedures.

Small to large organizations are considering social media as a valuable tool for selecting the right candidates for their job openings. This assists the recruitment industry in a superior way along with the conventional means of accessing employees like campus staffing, reference, job portals, and in-house transfers. Social media isn’t just a tool or a vehicle for appealing talent. It has evolved into a critical employee value suggestion.

Small organisation also gets huge benefit from social media as frequent advertising on job portal and print media have become relatively expensive. Social media present employers opportunities to advertise their vacant positions free of cost in these channels. Individual or employers can easily legalize and select their preferred candidates from a particular group matching their job requirement.

Students and young professionals are the dynamic strength of social media. They can keep themselves aware about the industry’s happening; sustain an online professional identity and network with people having the same area of concern.

A well-maintained online professional personality along with good set of connections can help users in discovering a desirable job according to their interest. Professional networking probabilities in social media offer dynamic recommendation engagements for the users.

Social media can be regarded as a promising means of recruiting, but not the silver bullet clarification. Extensive efforts should be taken to optimize social media for using it as a critical tool in enrolling. Job questers should keep a proper eye on better using the positive outcomes of social media for their professional as well as personal networking. Communication uprising and internet mutiny have considerably changed the way people correspond with each other and do business.

The changing utilization of social media is an example of this. The revolution in recruitment industry has just started out only. We have to wait for the future to examine the huge potential or the perils with social media.


The author Anto Toms is the CEO of US based, a unique & superior free social networking site pioneered in two way communication via sms and email allowing registered users to create profiles, upload photos, video and music, send messages alongside public features like groups, events, polls and blogs. He can be reached at