Guest Blog – The Shifting Paradigm of Career


Have you ever thought what does career exactly means in this fast paced, ever changing and on the rise expectations work environment? Well, if you are wondering thickness in pay package and frequent promotions as the answer then trust me it was never and it will never be.

Career is not what you have grown up to, it’s all about one always been look upto…

Career is not what you have proved or been proving, it’s all about one always been improving…

Career is not being always in the front, it’s all about one always been creating the right brunt…

Believe it or not, leadership doesn’t come with label of being the leader. Infact leadership is the recipe of attributes like decision making, flexibility, focus, patience, discipline, concepts and sound knowledge, thought thoroughness, vision and belief and so on…
So having said that – the question is, be it consciously or unconsciously, do we really effort to imbibe the mentioned attributes in our life like the way we hanker for next level or high recompense?

It’s not important what and where you are in your career the essence rest in the fact that whether you will be the right person or not when you reach up there.

So preparing for a transition no matter how many years away or where you are in the ladder is a real good insurance plan for your career, whose premium is –

1. Reckoning your reflections and periodically rating them
2. Developing ‘tell me and consider it as done’ attitude
3. Targeting the white space
4. Helping your team to succeed
5. Building relationships
6. Focusing on solving problems, not getting promoted and
7. Seizing leadership opportunities, no matter how small

Conclusively, the interesting time in career is pre success period – the things you shaped, the road you travelled, the troubles you faced and the problems you battled.


Subhit Temley is a Post graduate in  Human Resource Management and currently working in a France based IT conglomerate as a HR Business Partner for one of the largest business unit from last 3 years in Hyderabad and he can be reached at