Social Media Tools for Recruiter and Job Seeker


Social media has got the fancy of X and Y generation employees, How how could recruiters be far behind in adopting Social Media for HR effectiveness, In this internet world things are fast changing, and everyday lots of sites and applications are floating over the internet.

I am sharing few of the sites and apps which I come across and forsee a potential in increasing HR effectiveness through these social media platforms.

Today the biggest social media sites, are Facebook and Linkedin and according to my sources Facebook is close to 900 million people. Off late developers had built many free applications to connect with the job seeker and recruiters


You must have observed in Facebook. Your friends sent you invitations to join branchout. This application helps employees to see if they have any connections who are working or worked in a particular company, from their they can get information or ask for some insight information, the beauty of this product is that recruiters can search for people who have desired skill set. Recruiters need to build their network if they want to use it effectively.

I am quite impressed with this site here you can log in with facebook account and you can import your contacts from Linkedin and build the site and seek recommendations. Recruiters can search people based on their skill set.

The HR Connect :

This cite can be termed as first social media platform for HR people to network and HR professionals to share their personal views on different aspects and issues related to HR.


Be known is developed for monster application for facebook, here job seekers can directly apply to the job through facebook, recruiter can easily post free jobs to first and second level connections.

This site has integrated social media platform which helps to, connect with potential resources or skilled people can connect with the like minded people in trusted environment. Here, you can search job and can find talent if you are a recruiter.

There might be many more apps and site which I might not know, Incase you happen to know any great app or site share with us, you can also post it has a comment.