Blind Man’s Building


One of my favorite games which normally I like to have especially for team building , if played in spirit lot of enthusiasm adds in the team, an excellent game for testing the leader’s ability to work with M1 workers of The Situational Leadership Model )

This game is not been designed by me, but I happen to learn from one of the consultants who work for one of big 4 companies.

Items Required:

  •  Teams of 5 people based on employee presence.
  •  60 paper cups per team.
  •  Tables for each team (Ensure table is not supported by a wall.)
  •  Room /Space should be big enough so teams can be far apart.

Procedure to Play the Game:

1. Divide participants into teams of 5 people each – one worker & 1 manager & one team lead (HR will facilitate Team formation and team will decide the team leader, team manager and worker)

2. Give the team 60 paper cups each

3. Tell them to decide among themselves the target – how many floors they will build. (Each cup represents a floor) note down targets on the board/HR will score.

4. Give them the following instructions:

a) Time of 10 minutes to build tower.

b) Achieving target gives 20 points, not achieving -no points (Even 90% achieved is not enough) every extra floor = 5 points extra.

c) Only worker to build the tower. Team lead/ Managers must NOT TOUCH the material (cups) If they do, then they lose 5 points NOW THE LAST TWO ( MOST IMPORTANT) INSTRUCTIONS

d) Worker to build the tower USING LEFT HAND ( WEAK HAND )

e) Worker to build the tower BLIND FOLDED. (Usually, the last two instructions get a loud groan from all.

Other instructions: The table in front of the worker must be empty; he/ she must not have begun the tower before the start time.

Concluding Winners will be declared and will be asked to share how they felt while playing the game and what observations they found and they have to tell their learning’s from the game


This is a situation where the worker is completely dependent on the manager.

He/ She depends on the manager’s ability to give precise, clear instructions. Usually, both managers will start to give instructions.

Sometimes one manager will be more assertive.

Sometimes the worker will be more assertive & not listen to the manager. Some managers will, not empathize with the worker’s handicap & shout, hurry or goad the worker.

They’ll even criticize him/ her if he/she fumbles.

Most times , the losing team will be poor losers, will try to bad mouth the wining team, will say they cheated, ‘the worker could probably see’ etc