Book Review : And the Lion Smiled at Rabbit


On 23rd & 24th February I got an opportunity to attend a national seminar on “Sustainable HR Practices” conducted by “Institute of Public Enterprise  -Hyderabad”  I was exploring the opportunity to meet management research scholars and Professors so that I can connect and seek guidance from them for writing research paper for my PhD pre course work .

In IPE-Hyderabad  I happened to witness the Book release of “ And the Lion Smiled at the Rabbit by Rashmi Datt”, and during later part of the day I got a chance to hear Ms. Rashi Datt giving her paper presentation on “Managing Emotions at work place”.

I was zapped by her presentation / content and made me to zip through the book at bookstore and decided to read it, I was impressed by the way she was delivering her speech and I thought whenever I get a chance to organize any training programme on “Managing Emotions” for middle and senior level I will be contacting her and latter I went ahead and bought the book which is  223 pages and costing Rs 245/-, Instead of reading at a stretch I took time to read chapter by chapter like a course work.

Rashmi had shared couple of models which I can customize and use whenever I get an opportunity to develop framework for “coaching” and “mentoring” because both involve handling emotions at varying levels.

What I liked most in the book is the simple language and written in such a fashion that messages hit’s straight into your head.

In today’s world two things sell like hot cake one is story telling (That’s the reason TV is full of soap operas) and another is selling “Dream/Hope”.  Rashmi had used the Panchtantra stories beautifully to make analogies which make you understand complex things easily and hitting the subconscious mind .

The success and failure in any teamwork depends a lot on emotions which are plying on the team members, why is that we react so suddenly and so unexpectedly, certain question arises like:-

-Why is that we are not able to bring our emotions in a positive way ?

-Why we are so over reactive ?

-Why are we wantedly cutting down others in team?

-Why is that we are disliking certain individuals ?

-Why is that we are not cooperative to a new team member or  a new manager ?

- Why we are jealous of success of our teammates?

-Why we are not ready to compromise even for small reasons ?

This book try to explain the sudden surge of emotions which erupt from nowhere, this book is more about decoding the Human Behavior.

The key part of the book is controlling the sudden urge or over flow of emotions through the flow of the book is build on five pillars of emotions – Self Acceptance and Self Belief , Self motivation, building rapport , managing relationships, and conflicts and this contents and further elaborated in chapters with interesting cases and stories.

I will categorized this book into self help book and also a good resource for trainers and young proefesionals like me who had just started practicing coaching and mentoring.

What I liked most is the cases and stories which everyone can relate and understand and can build their own perspectives and gives practical solutions to problems related to emotions, self etc

Everyone is  afraid of asking or challenging their negative thoughts , their own imperfections, and projecting them this book comes out with certain tips which had to be practiced on a regaular way then you might find the changes around you.

My  best take away from the book

  1. Stories and cases which I can use in my workplace.
  2. Learning how I cannot be emotionally hijacked now
  3. New found Skill in dealing conflicts/resolution.
  4. Accepting Praise without getting ballooned
  5. Self Talk for self motivation.
  6. Dealing with situations where I want to say “NO” but I was saying “YES”, learnt how to say “No” now .
  7. Framework for Coaching and Mentoring.


Happy Reading!!!