Monthly Archives: April 2012

My Reflection on “You Don’t Need A GodFather”

“I felt YDNG is  like a template of success workbook, you need to understand the analogy and anecdotes what Elango has shared, if we practice his memory bytes I am sure success

Talent Acquisition Quizz

Do you consider yourself a “Talent Acquisition” specialist ? If ” Yes” then take up my Level 1 challenge ?

Job Hopping Myth and Truth

Recently I was interviewing a  young Firmware Engineer ( Software+ Hardware), after talking to him close to 25 minutes I understood he is a good fit for us, his experience , projects

Fun @ Work – Decorate your Workstation

You must have observed during onset of festivals,  we try to clean up the house and rework the living area setting’s and this is commonly observed, I had tried to ask myself