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Organization Development Case

View the Case Study on  Organization Development –  ” Empower -Power The Tower “

Character Profiling

Few months back I was reading Mr. Elango’s article in “People Matters” and I was very impressed with his briefing of character Sketch I & II, from that time I was pondering

Employee Engagement

View the Presentation on Employee Engagement In Slide Share this presentations is been viewed 15,700+ times and received 50+ comments Employee Engagement -30 USD

Competency Mapping

View the presentation on Competency Mapping

A Sectoral Appreciation Paper – ” Microfinance “

View the paper on ” Microfinance – Sector”

Talent Acquisition Workshop

View the presentation on ” Talent Acquisition “.

Recruitment Gyan

View the presentation on Tips on “Recruitment “

Appraisal Errors

  Appraial Errors Vinay Ravindran View the Presentation on ” Appraisal Errors “.